Ripples of Peace


What our customers are saying

"I'm in a 12 step program and have been writing out my 4th step inventory and it was really getting tough.  It was loaded with brutal trauma from a certain age of which I had never told anyone about.  Vera Ehmann's Body Code and Emotion Code work picked up on it and she did the appropriate adjustments.  How she could have done this is totally unbelievable, to say the least.  Days after my writings she sent me an email describing what she had found at age 6;  it was as if she had somehow read what I wrote. I'm in Florida and she's in Massachusetts.  This proved to me that her work was for real.

I had mentioned to her how exhausted and down I had been feeling lately; I decided to trust her and let her do her work.  At first, I really felt even more exhausted than prior, but soon afterward I felt better than ever.  Before the session, I was spiraling downward into a deep depression, and a few days after the session I was doing much much better.

This happened over and over again each time and every session just gets better and better.

This circumstance was so amazing that I sent my 12 step program sponsor the email that she sends out after the therapy to compare with what I had written and he agreed that it was eerily similar.  She's sensitive, honest and trustworthy and goes above and beyond.  Her treatments should compliment any modality you are already using or use it as a stand-alone process.  If you are serious about resolving issues that evade the medical profession give her a call."

- From David

What our customers are saying

"A little over a decade ago I broke my arm in an accident at work that left me with acute pain in my elbow and intermittent pain in my shoulder.  My job is extremely physically demanding, so I was grateful to be able to continue working.  However, at times I had to use over-the-counter pain-killers to get through the day.  After the first ssession with Vera, the pain was so dramatically reduced, I was stunned.  A couple weeks later, I was able to play football at a neighborhood block party all evening with no complaints from my shoulder.  It is great to be pain free again."

- From Daryl

What our customers are saying

" My husband and I adopted a three-year old rescue dog.  He was calm when he was home alone with me.  But as soon as my husband came home the Labrador would dart into his crate.  If the dog was out and my husband reached down to pet him, the dog would crouch in fear.

Our dog was much more affectionate the day after Vera worked on his behalf.  When my husband came home, the Labrador did not rush to his crate; he even allowed my husband to pet him without recoiling.  After the next session the rescue dog began playing with our other dog.  We are so grateful for the Body Code and Vera."

- From Shari

What our customers are saying

" My poor, little 13 years old dog was listless and ill.  She was not eating.  Sadly, the veterinarian had found several masses on her stomach, but felt my dog was too weak to survive the surgery.  After Vera completed the Body Code session, my dog started eating.  Soon she was joyful and running around.  Three months later, she is still happy and has no need for surgery."

- From Lee

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Vera Ehmann

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The Emotion Code and The Body Code are not counseling, mental health care or medical care and are not intended to take the place of such care. Only the medical community treats diseases. The Emotion Code or the Body Code may never to be used to treat disease. They may only be used to remove of underlying emotional imbalances.